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Consider Your Backflow Service Needs Solved

4th of July Backflow, LLC

4th of July Backflow, LLC is dedicated to providing excellent service when it comes to your backflow service needs. We are a husband-and-wife team that rely on communication to understand our customer's requests and concerns. Whether this is your first time hiring a backflow contractor, or have been in business many years, we are here to answer any of your questions as we know that backflows are not a common subject that is talked about. If you need a backflow test, or repair, we will ask that you send the form from the water company requesting the service to be completed. You can click here to submit that report. 


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To Your Backflow Needs

How much does a backflow test cost? 

The cost for a backflow test can range from $120-$250. This can vary depending on the location of your backflow and which water company is requesting for the backflow test to be completed. Some companies require a tag to be placed on the device after testing. Only testers are able to purchase these tags and that will add to the total price of the test/backflow. 

How often does a backflow test need testing?

Most water companies require backflows to be tested once a year but for some areas it might be every six months. This question should be answered by your water company. You will receive a notice in the mail when they request to have a backflow test completed.

Why do I need a backflow installed? 

Water companies require a backflow device if they consider your property a high risk. If at any point the water company loses pressure on the water at the street side, the water could flow backwards and potentially bring back contaminants (chemicals, well water, stagnant water, irrigation water, etc.) back into the drinking water. The reason backflows exist is to prevent the public water from getting contaminated in case there is a loss of pressure. If your water company is demanding a backflow installation that means that they are caring for the quality of your drinking water and overall, the public benefits from this.

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