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4th of July Backflow Testing has AWWA certification to test your backflow preventor device, and a contractor's license to repair a failing device, or install a new backflow device at your location. We are insured, bonded, and ready to help you with any of these services. 

Backflow Installation 


Backflow preventor devices are required by code in all new commercial properties such as a school, laundromat, gas station, restaurants, etc.  Some water companies could require a backflow installation even on residential homes if the risk is there.  Your water purveyor will conduct a field survey and determine whether a backflow device is required at your location. If it is determined that it is, they will send a letter stating that a backflow device needs to be installed by a given date, by a licensed company such as us. We can provide you with fast service to avoid interruptions to your water service by your water purveyor. Give us a call to schedule a time to meet at your service location, and to provide you with a proposal.  

Annual Backflow Tests


To ensure that your backflow device is working properly, it has to be tested annually, and you will be typically reminded by your water company with a letter in the mail. A list of certified backflow testers will be attached, where you will most likely find us. To be allowed onto the list, a tester has to be certified by American Water Works Association (AWWA),  American Backflow Prevention Assocation (ABPA), etc.  

Backflow Repairs


Most backflow devices are composed of check valves, and a relief valve, that have rubber parts and O-rings that with time, can become worn down. Replacement of these rubber parts usually allows the backflow to pass. At times, it is the entire check module that may have damaged that needs replacement. Foreign material, such as a small rock will not allow the check valve to seal correctly and will cause the loss of pressure, resulting in a failed device. Typically, the bigger the leak, the greater the damage, but  nothing we can't handle. Sometimes, there may be damage to the actual backflow body, and it will have to be replaced.

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